Disabled But Able To Love


When God sees the six billion people upon the face of this earth, He sees us all as equal through His eyes of love. Though He sees us as totally equal, we often view each other as unequal. This website is intended to be a special place for all of us to come as 100% equal; while others may look at us as different, strange, deformed, unusual, not normal, incapable of giving love, or incapable of receiving love, we can still come together and view each other as equals. Whether we are legally blind, totally blind, partially deaf, totally deaf, an amputee, paraplegic, quadriplegic, wheelchair bound, arthritic, diabetic, diagnosed with leukemia, cancer, psoriasis, grand maul seizures, depression, bi-polar, or the many other disabilities and illnesses that may beset us--we are all capable and deserving of having a loving relationship.

To all--WELCOME--and may each of us be blessed by becoming a blessing to someone else suffering from loneliness, separation, and lacking unconditional love. May we all be able to experience such love through this website.


Rev. C. Wayne Hawkins Sr.

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